Saturday, November 29, 2008

Traditional Christmas Stories

     All these stories were on my blog last year, but I thought that I'd repost them in time for Christmas. Enjoy!

     I thought that this would be a funny story since it's nearly Christmas time. I lived in Hawaii for the first four year of my life, and I had some nice warm Christmases there. Lots of little kids were scared of Santa when they were little; personally I was never like that. One day my family went to the beach and low and behold there was a rather plump old guy lying on the beach, I thought that he was Santa. Suddenly I was an extremely excited toddler. I tugged on my parents swimming trunks and exclaimed, "Look, there's Santa!"
"Can I please go talk to him, mommy?" I started pleading. The real Santa Clause was the man standing right next to me trying to think of what he could say to discourage his two year old from embarrassing the poor man.
"Honey, Santa is on vacation right now. If you don't disturb him maybe you will get better presents this year!" My big blue eyes scanned the man who looked like Santa for a final time, and then dimmed a little.
"Okay." I said in disappointment.

     When I think of that story I always laugh. My dad had to be rather quick witted to come up with a story to persuade me not to talk to Santa. Personally I would have had no idea what to say in a situation like that! The next one is a really cute story that involves my little brother, Mitch.

One day my little brother decided that he wanted to buy Christmas presents for all five people in our family. It was a very nice act, but seven year olds don't make that much money. Even so he was very determined to feel the happiness of giving. So Michael saved up money the whole year so that he could by us Christmas presents. When it finally reached December, my dad took Mitch to Sam's Club to buy the gifts. In the process of finding Christmas presents the eleven dollars that my brother had saved fell out of his pocket. A few minutes later my brother reached into his pocket to feel the money that he earned, but there was a problem, it wasn't there! As you can imagine it broke my brother’s heart. All of his money that he had earned all year was gone! Tearfully he told my dad what had happened. My dad was also heart broken to see his own little boy so sad. He took Mitch up to the lost and found and told the workers about the money that Mike had lost. After hearing my dad's case, the employee spoke on the loud speaker.
"A little boy has lost eleven dollars that he has saved to buy Christmas presents. If anyone finds it, please bring it to the lost and found, thank you." I'm sure that there were plenty of dishonest people that went looking for the money after that revealing announcement; many probably just so that they could put it into their own wallets. But who knows what really happened to the money that Mitch dropped? Most likely it was found by one of those people who wanted it for themselves, but that's not important. Just after the employee finished his sentence over the intercom, the Sam's Club Santa Clause came jogging towards us. He was probably just an old man trying to earn a little money for the holidays by dressing up and holding little kids, but he gave up his own earnings to help an adorable little boy that he had never met.
"Here you go little guy," said Santa, bending down on one knee so that he could be level with my brother,
"I found your money!" He then proceeded to hand my brother eleven dollars. We could all see that my dad felt a lump in his throat as he whispered,
"Thank you."

     I don't know if you believe in karma, but I do. That same December we went to Universal Studios for Christmas break. As we were walking towards the entrance, my dad spotted a little bundle of dollar bills wrapped up in a little ribbon. As he looked at that money he had a flash back of when Mitch lost his money. That money could belong to a poor little kid like Mitch! My dad took the money, and immediately after we entered the park we went to lost and found. Dad told the stunned employee that he had found that roll of money on the street, and thought that it might belong to a little kid. The employee looked at my dad in amazement; his eyes became as round as quarters.
"Sir, I have never seen anyone as honest as you! I must reward you for something as kind hearted as this!" He reached into the shiny cashier box and handed my dad five front of the line passes, one for everyone in my family, valid for the whole day! Kindness is never unrewarded; I love the spirit that Christmas brings!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Yeah, it is pretty late at night so sorry if there are any errors in this. But I've just been thinking about the things I'm grateful for for the past few weeks. I came up with quite a list. As of today we officially finished marching band with a big party, which was quite fun. I was able to see all the people who worked hard receive awards for all the time and effort that they put into marching band, I was truly proud of my classmates. I'm really grateful that I was able to be a part of the massive band that had over two hundred kids, (even though we lost every competition to American Fork.)

I'm really grateful for my friends who can always make me laugh, even when I feel like I'm never going to laugh again. I'm thankful for the great friends that I have that are willing to lift me up when I fall, and be my crutches when I limp. They make life a lot easier to live, and give my life something worth living for.

    I'm grateful for my family who are willing to put up with all my faults and flaws; trust me, I have many. I'm grateful that they are willing to do anything, and the fact that they are willing to do what they think is best for me (no matter how much I protest.) I appreciate that they are completely honest with me, and help me improve so that I can grow up and be a self reliant, "grown up."

     I'm thankful for the opportunity to go to school. School is basically my life, and I don't know what I'd do without it! I actually enjoy waking up to every school day (even though I was happy for the break this week.) It gives me a good reason to wake up every day, and it gives me a good reason for working hard.

    I'm grateful for the armed forces. Even though I love speaking my new developing language (Chinese), I will still remain patriotic to America. I'm especially glad that America isn't communist like so many other countries. We are blessed with so much freedom, and there are young men and women all over the world, fighting so that we can continue living as we do now; in a safe environment with roofs over our heads.

     I'm grateful that I have religion in my life. Without it, I don't know who or where I'd be. Just going to church and being there encourages me to be better and to do better than I'm already doing, even when life is being really tough on me. Church teaches me to have more compassion, to be more giving, and encourages me to be a good example to others.

     Now that I've told you a few things that I'm grateful for (and trust me, I could write a list that contains hundreds of things.)Now stop and think about what I've said. What are you grateful for? Keep those thoughts, the first thoughts that popped into your head when you thought of what you are grateful for. Those thoughts will give you strength when you are having a hard time, so keep them in your heart for as long as you can; and at least every day until Thanksgiving is over. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sonnet 1 Does he love me?

     For Honors English, we had to write a sonnet. Yeah, that's right, a sonnet! A poem that is as mushy gushy as you can make it! Sounds fun right? It's not my normal style of writing that's for sure... When I mention "azure" eyes I'm not really thinking of one specific person. This is written in the basic Shakespearean format, "ABAB CDCD FGFG HH." Every line should have ten syllables if my calculations remain correct. The first eight are meant to be a question, line eight is the transition, and the rest are of the lines are the answer. Enjoy!

As the leaves of fall descend upon me,

A new love blooms like the blossoms of spring.

Was it meant for this blooming love to be?

My heart is mending like an old bird’s wing.

A once broken heart is once again whole.

I look into his eyes in puzzlement,

His azure eyes are windows to his soul.

Does he feel the same, this angel heav’n sent?

Sighing, I hope, begging the stars to know.

Our love is not seen or heard, only felt;

Springing up from the ground where seeds do sow.

His eyes drift away, I feel my heart melt.

What can be, what may be, cannot be told,

I love his heart which is as pure as gold.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Dance!

Well I must say that this was the best date that I've ever been on! (Well it is the only one I've been on...) But still, yesterday I went to the Halloween Dance and had a ball! (Literally) So, enjoy the pictures!