Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ballad of a Female Knight

Okay, I think Mrs. H tried to do me in with this one! I had to write a "twenty" line ballad for English! It was required to have a plot, and all ballads are required to be love stories... Needless to say, I couldn't do all of that in twenty, this turned out to be forty four lines of poetry in A-B-X-B format. Not only is it forty four lines, it has a very depressing ending! Sorry about that, it's hard to have a cheerful mood when writing poetry! (haha)

Alexandria was a gallant knight,
She used to sit at Arthur’s Round Table.
Dressed as a boy, she helped knights fight evil
As the Blue eyed hero of this fable.

The young lady fell in love with Arthur,
But unknowing, he married Guinevere.
Alex’s heart was hurt, but she stayed true,
She battled alongside him without fear.

Sparring with Lancelot, she learned to fight,
Alex earned respect from her belov’d king,
He never knew she was an armored girl.
He only saw her long weapons in swing.

On a dark and stormy night they set off,
The knights of Camelot looked for The Grail;
Alex as custom rode by Arthur’s side.
They searched through forest glades without avail.

Finally they came across a large cave,
It’s dark and dank depths were filled with despair.
Alex entered in front of the brigade,
Arthur gave her braveness no thought or care.

Down in the black unfathomable cave,
At the farthest reaches a light appeared.
Guided by instincts, they knew this was it,
The home of the Holy Grail they revered.

The room guarding The Grail sparkled with gold,
Hundreds of cups lined the intricate walls.
Together the comrades stood and puzzled.
Which of these cups would bring about their falls?

Would it be a goblet, made out of glass?
Could something like The Cup be plainly wood?
Arthur studied the many chalices.
He thought he’d found it, no one understood.

On a pillar was a gold glass, shining.
Its pleasant brightness filled up the whole room.
Arthur was about to drink its liquid
When Alex interfered and met her doom.

Arthur’s brave knight wanted to try it first,
She knew the wrong choice would bring instant death;
So she begged Arthur to let her test first,
After drinking, she soon ran out of breath.

Alex knew that Christ was a carpenter,
She wasn’t surprised that he’d chosen wrong.
Alex knew that her love would bring her fall,
So our hero bade a silent so long.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Continued/ Poems #2

I don't have much to say now days, so I'll keep posting my poems that I'm required to write.

This next poem is called a "found poem." It's actually kind of cool, but it took me forever to make. All you have to do is pick some lines out of already written books and make your own poem out of it! It's not plagiarism, because every "found poem" is titled "found poem" (thus informing the reader that none of the words in the poem belong to the author of the poem, if that makes any sense.)

My first found poem was written with a crazy variety of books which included The "Three Musketeers", "The Last Olympian", "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince", and, "Love, Stargirl."

Found Poem
Both remained suspended, motionless;
The storm began to subside
But still the sea was disturbed.
“Come! Come courage!”
As I said it, I knew it was a naïve hope.
Who are you if you lose your favorite person?
A sheer drop, black and faceless
It was a bleak, harsh view, the sea and the rock unrelieved by any tree or sweep of grass or sand.
Will we ever meet again?
I will sail into the future on mystery’s wings and I will not look back.

I wrote a second Hokku for fun, so you'll have to put up with it... Sorry! A Hokku is much like a Haiku, but about something other than nature.

Light step follows light step,
A set of eyes bore into me;
I am being followed

This is an ode to eyes that crinkle when they smile. I wrote it, at first thinking about my friends, but in the end I started writing it about my cousin. So if you're reading this, I love ya "cuz cuz!" (Sorry about the blue eye thing, very few people have green eyes and not many things rhyme with green either... Except for mean, but that doesn't really fit!)

Those eyes that are so bright, they shine,
A caring, compassionate sign.
Eyes belonging to my best friend,
A friendship that will never end.
Her eyes are like an open book,
I understand with just one look;
Deepened shades of both green and blue,
Exuding happiness, like so few.
Eyes that make my entire day,
My cares are simply washed away.

I have two epitaphs to write now to entertain you all... Unfortunately you'll have to wait for another time, I just can't force myself to write another poem!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


For the next few weeks, I'm required to write ten or more poems for English! I'm pretty bad at poetry, so this is going to be pretty funny! Well I guess I'll start with my Hokku (not Haiku.)Hokkus have three lines, so it's not too hard!

We stretch our lanky limbs,
Our hearts race rapidly;
The game is about to begin.

Well that was simple, not that great, but I'm working on it. Now it's time for a few Haikus!
The water is clear,
It swims in rapid torrents,
Yet it can be calm.

Tall trees shade the sun.
Light filters in like a stream,
Shades of green and gold.

Crimson embers crack;
Yellow dancers leap upward,
With orange partners.