Monday, May 12, 2008


     As I sit down every day and work on the end of year slide show; I always end up shaking my head in unbelief. Being one of the workers of the slide show, I get to see nearly every picture that has been taken this past school year. Some pictures are interesting none to say the least... Looking at these pictures makes me very curious.
     Why do students do the crazy things that they do in front of the camera? What is up with the crazy faces and poses? The flimsy facades? It all goes back to the things that we've been learning about the past few chapters in Stargirl. It seems as if everyone wants attention. Whether it's making the dumbest possible face you could when your grandma is trying to get a picture for her scrapbook, or going "skater" and wearing pants so tight that you have to wear tights under them to fit them on; everyone does something for attention.

     My Dad was watching a special about crime and murderers on T.V. yesterday, and as my dad recounted the scary stalker stories to freak me out; I realized that it boiled down to the same thing! Lack of attention! Almost every murderer that my dad told me about wasn't remorseful; they enjoyed killing people because it made them "look strong!"

     I can't even begin to pretend like I understand the necessity for attention, but as I sit here and brainstorm I start to see a pattern. From how I see it, people think that attention can only be showed and shared through the mouth. Which would explain exactly why silences are awkward, there is no attention, no communication! The lack of attention is what makes a silence so difficult and avoided.

     Whether you know it or not, people are always paying attention to you; the observer may not always tell you everything about their observing, but as I observed others for my English assignment, I've come to realize that others observe me too!

     Mr. T told us a few weeks ago how it seemed like students are becoming robots, always checking, "Is this right?" "I'm following instructions correctly aren't I?" It seems like nowadays we have to have "positive reinforcement" or "positive attention" either to keep us "straight" or "make us feel good." Sorry for the randomness, but lots of things are connecting in my brain as I sit and brainstorm the mysteries of attention.

     One last example of this strange attention that people crave. About the "positive attention" thing that I mentioned earlier... Have you ever met someone who insults everything they do? It's almost like they aren't trying to be modest, they are trying to get that positive back up, I'm sure you've heard something like, "Aww this drawing isn't very good... I wonder if it will get full credit." Girl one flashes the illustration at Girl two. Girl two has that same kind robot reaction, "No, that drawing is great!!! That must be the best drawing ever!"

     Why do you think that people are so desperate for attention?